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Your dog’s first few weeks home will likely be a period of huge adjustment, for both of you. You can make the transition much easier all around if you prepare your home in advance, gather a team–vet, quality food source, leash/harness, a dog crate, dog walkers, a skateboard, and doggie day care–and set up a routine right away.


At Medina's French Bulldogs we start potty training on puppy pads and grass before the puppies eyes open. Also, we start crate training while weening the puppy off of the mother to help you, the new care taker of our wonderful dogs have an easier transition to your home. Our pet area is free of any consumable items. Puppies have a tendency to eat anything while they are puppies and this can be very expensive, so we recomend that you keep your laundry picked up and avoid rope toys as they me be ingested and the puppy my not be able to pass them wich can lead to very costly surgery. Keep your puppy's area clean and only give digestible or non-consumable toys. We find that our Frenchies really like Nylabone dog bones and have not had any problems with them.


A small dog crate is a good choice for a new puppy. You can place a dog bed and a few toys there so that your puppy has a safe place to go that is thiers and is comfortable. That way if your puppy gets scared it can retreat to his/her crate to relax. Also for sleeping, during potty training, this will mimimize accidents around the house. Even though they are so cute you will want to cuddle them to sleep, we recomend using a crate at night.


Getting your puppies diet in order is crucial to thier health and development and should be taken very seriously. All of our Frenchies are pure bred AKC Registered French Bulldogs. We have tried several high end foods and each has been good in its own way. We use only fresh high protien nautural blend brands of foods that are expensive, but not nearly as expensive as a trip to the vet. We will recomend a food product or two for your puppy upon pick up and send you home with some of the food that we are currently feeding. After that it is up to you. The food that is right for your puppy varies. Please remember that just like you and I, diet and exercise is very important to health.


Leash vs Harness

While the puppy is small a harness, I feel is the appropriate method to start walking you dog. At some point, depending on the size of the frenchie you may want to switch to a regular collared leash. Please remember that these are small dogs and are fragile, especially while they are puppies. They are also Bulldogs and may be a bit stubborn. Be Gentile With Your Puppy. Protect It. Love it.


Way more on this to come.

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